8 series Gran Coupe or Stinger GT?

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I am not saying the Kia Stinger GT looks the same as the upcoming BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe.
It’s not that far off.
I think the Kia actually looks better. That stupid side vent on the BMW just sits there in the middle of nowhere. While Kia’s is part of the design.
The BMW also looks a bit lumpy… And actually already looks kind of old next to the Stinger.
And of course, it will probably cost way more than the “old” 6 series Gran Coupe. Which started at over $80 000 already for the 6 cylinder 315HP version.
The newer 8 series coupe (The 2 door version of the car above) starts at $111 000!!! ( sure, it has a more powerful V8…)
While a loaded 365HP Stinger GT with AWD tops at around $52 000. 
What do you think?

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  1. Stinger is a good looking car, but it's side vent looks more tacked on like an afterthought. BMWs looks built in. Kia could improve that very easily.

  2. Gotta go with the BMW. The Stinger's side window line is a dead ringer for the Optima – not a good look for a car costing almost twice as much.

  3. nailed it! that's exactly what i thought when I saw the 8.."BMW just created an expensive clone of the Kia Stinger". They really have lost their way in design. I'm sure they sell more but most of their cars are boring to drive and expensive. My old E90 335 was special, great handling, power and sound! The new 3-series feel like Buicks that are premium priced.

  4. Or 4 times as much in the case of the BMW, the window cutline looks the same, unless you are referring to the first gen Optima and the door cutline.

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