Chinese brand Zotye getting ready for US sales.

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We’ve all heard it before.
A Chinese brand is claiming to be ready to sell its cars in the US by “next year”.
And then even have a cool concept car to show us!
And they’ve signed a bunch of dealers!
This is basically the same thing we’ve seen for so many years now. And I still don’t really believe it. 
it all started with that deal Malcolm Bricklin supposedly had with Chery. That was supposed to happen in 2007!
Now, the compact SUV market is pretty crowded, to say the least. With trusted brand names.
I am not sure what it would take for people to get into a 
“Brand new Zotye” these days…
Would you take a chance?
What would it take? Super low price? Super long warranty?

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  1. Super generic aft of the hideous front fascia. If they can sell it for the type of lowball prices Hyundai and Kia used to command they might have a chance.

  2. I imagine it's decent car, but man is it boring. I too can't see how it could compete in the crowded small crossover market. It would have to be super-inexpensive. But to comply with US safety regulations, how cheap could it be?

    @Anonymous: The 1980s Pony was Hyundai's first foray into the North American market (Canada only). Sales were great, but only because it was cheap. At $6K, it was thousands less that a stripper Civic. Plagued by premature rusting. it ultimately became a joke.

  3. "Hello, our brand name is unreadable and possibly unpronounceable. Would you like to buy one of our cars?"

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