How about even more pictures of that new VW Atlas Cross Sport?

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Yes, this is still the same orange one.
I still think it looks really good and will be quite a hit for VW in the US.
And of course, this is still the Chinese version in these pictures. But our US model will be the same.
Nothing futuristic here, but pretty solid I think…

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  1. I actually really like it. And if I could throw some money around I’d really think about getting one. Then again. If I had said money I would probably jump for the Atlas.

  2. I think it looks like a bulbous Q8- a knockoff.

    And we will not get the discover pro HU, the wider chinese shift knob, or the updated touch panel hvac.

  3. Customizers and hotrodders have being doing this for decades. It's called chopping. Sure, it makes the Atlas look a little sleeker, but why compromise headroom in an CUV?

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