Upcoming 2020 Kia small Crossover interior teasers

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While the exterior of the all-new Kia model will be very close to the SP Concept shown in India last year.
It looks like the interior will be a bit different. (Production car in the two top photos)
Mostly due to the smaller screen on the dash. And a different console.
Still, it looks much more upscale and modern than expected. For something cheaper than the Sportage.
 And< I think, It also looks nicer than the Hyundai Kona. (the screen alone looks 100 times better…)
It will really be interesting to see how the new Kia does against the HR-V, CX-3, and CX-30…

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  1. It's very nice looking. That said, is it possible to have a modern car that doesn't have a f*cking iPad for dash controls? I'm more of a purist when it comes to simpler designs and switch gear because I take driving seriously. These touch screens are distracting and dangerous because they require your eyes to be off the road ahead. Yes, some have redundant steering wheel buttons, but enough is enough. Jeez.

  2. I hope those concept seats are just that. They look like you are sitting on and not in with the patterned part the same height or higher than the vinyl/leather part.

    Dash looks pretty nice in the concept and the rendering.

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