VW I.D 3

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We are now getting a better look at the production version of the VW ID Neo Concept.
(looks like they are now calling it the “I.D 3”)
While it seems a bit more angular, it looks like they are able to stay pretty close to the original design.

3 versions with different battery packs are expected. And still, no US sales are planned…

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  1. With news of no next generation Golf line for the US, just GTI and R trim, does this mean that the ID.3 will take its place for North America? The new Jetta will only be the 'cheapest' model left leaving a big whole in their line up.Buyers still want small car alternatives other than a Jetta.

  2. This would make a whole lot of sense replacing the e-Golf in the US, and either of their smaller crossovers (T-Roc or T-Cross) could serve to replace the regular Golf.

  3. I thought VW said they were not selling this model in the US but would sell the larger next derivative of this. Think of this as an electronic Lupo and we would be getting the ID.4 equivalent for the Golf. maybe…

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