VW ID.3 “First Edition”

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It seems to be a thing these days.
Producing first a batch of “First Edition” models of a highly anticipated car.
A few hundred. Or thousands. With some unique paint combo.
“First edition” badges here and there.
A few (inexpensive) “Exclusive items”, and there you go. You can charge thousands more to those who “want it first”.

The all-new ID.3 is no exception.
And the picture above shows what that First Edition model will look like.
While showing us the finished car and the interior for the first time.

I think VW did a great job of staying close to the concept.
The interior, of course, is nothing like the crazy minimalistic interior from theta concept.
But it still seems pretty modern. And I see a cool and quite retro giant round speedometer in there.
A nice touch.

(Thanks to a reader for the pic!)

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  1. This REALLY needs to COME TO THE US.
    Be smart and wait for the less expensive versions to come out.

  2. Stupid name.. why would the 3 come out before the 2 or 1.. but this should be the replacement for the e-Golf in the US.

  3. Why do so many automakers think their electric cars need to look like a science experiment gone wrong?

    You have to give Tesla credit – they did a masterful job at keeping their models strictly minimalist instead of overdoing everything in order to make a "statement."

  4. The front bumper doesn't match test vehicles or the disguised car from the presentation, but looks like the guess one of the newspapers published a while ago. The interior picture doesn't look at all similar to what has been leaked.

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