What could have been: The Chrysler CS project

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 Sorry for the horrible quality of these pix.

I just found them buried in my computer. But I thought they are still quite interesting.
The Chrysler CS was going to be a wagon type based on the current Minivan platform (or the next one I guess)
I think something liek this could really work today actually…

 In 2002, the design was pretty much done and it was shown as the Pacifica Concept .
Which didn’t look like a Chrysler 300 wagon anymore.

The production version came out for 2004.

I think the Pacifica still looks fine. Especially the cleaner concept version.

Chrysler does need something to survive. Anything.
How about trying things like this? A smaller minivan?
An AWD wagon?


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  1. That CS concept doesn't appear to be minivan-based, it looks more like an early Chrysler-specific version of the Dodge Durango (which eventually came to market as the Aspen sharing a lightly badge-engineered Durango body). The Pacifica wasn't originally intended to share a platform with the minivans.. it was supposed to be co-developed with the Mercedes R-class and share its platform, but late in the game the plan changed as M-B planned to sell Chrysler to Cerberus. There was already a 300 wagon, but they called it the Dodge Magnum in the US.

  2. A crossover without the butch black plastic and 10" ground clearance looks more premium to me. I think that will make the Cadillac XT6 a hit with the ladies who lunch. Chrysler may have problems moving upmarket from Dodge dealers with only an aged and kinda cheesy 300 as a stable mate.

  3. Anyone else here depressed that this is probably the most current concept within the Chrysler portfolio?

  4. Weird looking pics, and I think it might be a photshop, as the whole center section seems to be just form a Australian Ford BA Falcon wagon, especially in the front 3/4 view.

  5. This was ahead of its time. If it were made today, Chrysler would still have a fighting chance. Instead, we just have thirsty Durango and (please let it die already) Journey. The Pacifica refresh cheapened the front end look…..and it fell behind the competition at the time back in 2007/2008. If it made it to gen 2, we'd still have it today in probably a "re-done plastic bits" way.

    The only thing this and the R-Class have in common is a similar side body profile and rear doors.

  6. Changed the platform basis because of the sale of Chrysler to Cerberus?

    I don't know you got your theory from, but that is inaccurate, DEAD INACCURATE!

    The CS platform Chrysler Pacifica was already being developed in 1998 and the final design was set at the end of 1999.

    Many decisions were made regarding platform and cubing completed by July 2000 design freeze, 30 months ahead of January 2003 production start.

    The R class had nothing to ever do with this "last minute" considering that the R-class was in the concept stage in 2001 and production design frozen in 2002.

    The breakup of Daimler Chrysler and selling of Chrysler was years to come at this point.

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