2020 Audi Q7

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I would call this a very successful mid-cycle refresh.
While not all new, the 2020 Q7 finally looks good. (The current model is the white car)
I was never a fan of the super boring current generation Q7.
But for 2020, the changes are pretty important.
Even inside, where all-new dashboard and console bring the Q7 in line with Audi’s more recent models like the A6/7 and Q2/3 and 5.
(I wonder whay they didn’t revise the 2020 A4 interior at all. Making the A4 wthe only Audi with the old generation interior…)
Quite a drastic change without redesigning the whole thing.

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  1. Still too boxy imo. Q8 looks lot better but has that unnecessary price premium unfortunately.

    Interior is mostly a copy from A6/A7/Q8 so that's probably how they can make such a change in a refresh. The A4/A5/Q5 have the 2nd interior variation. So therefore no dual touch screen for A4. But it's a pain to require touch screen also for HVAC and lots of fingerprints all the time:-(.

  2. Made the front end uglier now on the new model! Lexus designer must finally move around to Audi now! LOL!

  3. It looks more muscular and handsome. Wealthy housewives will go crazy. The trip to the mall will be even more exciting now.

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