2020 Cadillac CT5 V Video!

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Now let’s look at the all-new CT5 V.

the CT5 does have quite a nice profile. And great sporty proportions. Except for that terrible fake rear side window.

Which pretty much ends up ruining everything. It is really too bad.

Cadillac should have also made the car a proper hatchback like the great Escala concept.

The car would have been quite a standout. But no…

What do you think?

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  1. It's the two parallel lines that causes most of the problem. If you imagine a (dinky) window in the C pillar, it still looks bad. They must have tried multiple designs for the new greenhouse–why'd they choose this one? I'm also curious why they think they can recoup the larger investment in the -5 redo versus the -4, which really needed an expensive change to a lower, flatter beltline for the Escala styling and to make the back seat at least feel roomier, since it barely changed (headroom for the worse).

    When all we could see was the door outline, I couldn't figure out how they could make the C pillar attractive–they didn't!

    My other beef is the hood not reaching the grille. That could be necessary because the grille is so far forward, but I can't not see that line.

  2. "Cadillac should have also made the car a proper hatchback like the great Escala concept."

    Totally agree with you on that, Vince! The new CT5 and CT5-V is not that great of a looking sedan IMO!

  3. Isn’t it about time for Cadillac to close shop? It has been the underachiever brand. And consumers do not care if it had some kind of image to the hallucinating crowd in the 70’s.

  4. It is easy CT5 is based on Opel Insignia and CT4 is based on old ATS. GM wants to save money to use old model base.

  5. It's not just the horrid fake window but the after-market looking tail lights on both the CT5 and CT4. It makes the rear ends look cheap. Also, I read that both cars offer far more anemic drive trains than the models they replace.

  6. I think fake plastic windows don't even belong on subcompact cars anymore, much less a 50K luxury automobile. I bet the design engineers at all the prominent luxury car manufacturers haven't stopped rotfl since the CT5 and 4 were unveiled. Hope that drive much more expensive than they look.

  7. Remember the bad old days when you had to order your new car in black to blend in with the huge rubber bumper extensions? They’re back courtesy of cheesy black plastic rear windows! I’m calling it 50/50 that the CT5 c pillar disaster morphs into some manner of Hofmeister kink within two years. The other 50? That Caddy drops all of their sedans from the lineup.

  8. GM was too cheap to put glass in the C-Pillar and it looks like a nasty old Nissan Maxima with that blackout trim

  9. It might look slightly better if it were black glass instead of plastic, but a tiny window opening would be dorky looking, too. The whole C pillar needs redesigning.

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