2020 Ford Escort

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 It does have a nice Twilight Zone ring to it: “2020 Ford Escort”…

The Escort was revived in 2015 as a cheap, sub-Focus model for the Chinese market.
I guess it is time for some revisions.
Inside and out.
A new front end, rear lights.
Inside, mostly a larger screen…

Here is the current Chinese Escort model.
A conservative/cheap small sedan.

We are not missing anything…

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  1. Would not be one bit surprised if this suddenly appeared in the US market after Fiesta and Focus make their exit, priced less than either. If Ecosport will truly become Ford's US entry-level model, they will have a substantial hole in the sub-$20K market to fill, where many other brands (Hyundai, Kia, Honda etc.) still do quite well.

  2. The "New" one looks like they phoned it in.
    It looks like some kind of Franken car where they stole a little from everyone and just glued it together.

    Maybe it's for the better they are walking away from cars in the US if that's the best they can do.

  3. To Anonymous "…. still do quite well".

    Cars these days are like Highlander, "There can only be but 1!!" (or a few). If you can outlast the competition you can still sell cars, because the car company that bailed out, their volume #s goes to who is still standing.

    The size of the pie is smaller, but the remaining players in that pie have larger pieces. That takes some intestinal fortitude.

  4. The changes make it look better.

    I think the “Escort” name would have been more appropriately revived on a small crossover vehicle. Ford could have revived the “Tempo” name for this conservatively styled inexpensive compact sedan.

    Oh well, it doesn’t matter since this sedan is intended for the Chinese market only.

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