2020 Kia Cadenza

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 It is about time for that “mid-cycle refresh” for the Kia Cadenza.
From the “exaggerated’ illustrations above we can see the large sedan will get a much more aggressive front end. And much more original rear lights as well.
(the current model is the blue car above)

Looks like there will be pretty big changes to the interior.
Where the dashboard and console seem all new.
A good thing.

I always thought the current model’s dashboard was actually never as nice as the previous generation.
The revised version seems much more modern and upscale already.

The Cadenza has never been a big hit for Kia in the US.
I really like the fact they keep it alive though…  It is basically squeezed between the much more popular Optima and the crazy expensive (for  Kia) K900.
And it even competes, at least in price, with the all-new Stinger.
So it is fair to say the Cadenza is not even on the radar of most people.

Kia sold only 4507 of them last year (Down from 7249 the year before)
That compares with 33 580 units of the Toyota Avalon sold last year…

The current Cadenza has been getting tons of great reviews and I hope Kia keeps the car in the US.
They really need to do a better job of letting people know about it.

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  1. One caught my eye a while ago and I didn't even know what it was – I had to look it up.
    It is a very good looking car.

  2. I hope the dash turns out as clean as the drawings. Nicely done, but I'm not sure about the door panels.

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