2020 Kia Cadenza

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Pretty big changes for this cycle refresh of the big (but not the biggest) Kia sedan.
The front end is all new, and that grille is quite massive.
It could very well be a severe case of “too much” in real life…
New, more interesting lights in the rear.
And that new dashboard and console inside.
The whole thing is nice but underwhelming in these pictures.
I hope better shots are available soon. 
No matter what, always remember that someone once described the Cadenza as “all the luxury car you need”.
I actually would be very interested in test driving one…

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  1. Classy looking and kind of different than the usual "all new" models of other carmakers. I like it.

  2. Strange they would go with taillights that look nearly identical to those on the upcoming Genesis G80 and G90… so much for preserving differentiation between their brands.

  3. For the Resale value question, it is an irrelevant one if you do your homework.. The stigma of the badge recognition, which recognition has been gradually improving, is the issue. Worst Resale Value Cars:
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