2020 Land Rover Defender

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This does look like a fine update of the old design.
Although, as I mentioned before, the super fans of the old one might still hate it.
But really, some people will hate anything new.

Let’s hope they planned for an EV version of this.

This could be a big hit for them if priced right. And if the reliability improves…

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  1. So if one should merely bump the front corners into something, an entire elaborate fender has to be replaced. Not only am i sick of fragile bumpers with any modern car, but how absurd for a supposedly rugged off-road capable vehicle.

  2. I think they shouldve made the front more retro looking. This seems to be half retro and half modern, which just makes it look like its from the early 00s and it already looks dated.

  3. So far, so good. I think it strikes a good balance of being retro and modern. I also like that is not trying to be vulgar like a G-Wagen. It looks clean and elegant and will probably age well. The proportions seem to be spot on, too.

  4. Ugh, looks like a 10 y o Honda. They should have done it like Mercedes did with the G; keeping the original shape, minus the tacky MB bling of course

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