2020 Mercedes GLB

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As expected, the production version of the small GLB SUV will look exactly like the concept we saw just a while ago.
At least the body, without the concept’s macho bits.
Without the big tires and off-road trim, it looks a lot like the GLC. Not at all the small squared off SUV many expected.
It is actually quite soft looking.
Things are getting quite crowded. With a new GLA coming out soon as well…
More pix of the new Mercedes GLB HERE.

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  1. Okay if they are getting rid of the macho bits, it's not looking good. It looks like the body of the last VW Tiguan. Sad #smh

  2. I agree that it has a lot of previous Tiguan vibe;

    Teh detailing might be GLC, but the proportions are a bit weird, and very obviously FWD;

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