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I always though the current 2008 was a weird mix of “blah” and somehow,”overdone”.
(I saw a few of them in Europe over the past few years)

This all new second generation seems to be far less “blah”. And much more stylish.
(Although that could also be seen as “overdone”…)

At least it will stand out in a crowd of small SUVs.
The current model is pretty small,  about 5 inches shorter than a Mazda CX-3.
The new generation is supposed to be a bit larger. So about the same size as the Mazda .

That is quite a bit of style for such a small car…
An all electric version will be available with a range of about 190 miles.

Since Peugeot keeps talking about their “eventual” plans to return to the US. I think this would be a really cool choice…

Just as a reminder, this is the current, first generation, version of the Peugeot 2008…

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  1. Neither generation is a standout, but at least the first gen doesn't look like a warmed-over Nissan Kicks or Rogue Sport or Renault Captur. And the super-trendy orange doesn't help matters.

  2. New 208 looks great but this SUV like version 2008 does not look right. Overdesigned with unpleasing proportions.

  3. I like it quite a lot. It has more character than any Japanese or American small SUV. And the interior looks like something out of a concept car.

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