2021 Mazda6 Coupe illustration

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Sorry, but no.
These Japanese illustrations are 100% wrong.

First, that front end looks like a Hyundai. And there is basically zero chance to see a 2 door coupe version of the next Mazda6.

What we will see is a more upscale sedan.
A brand new RWD platform with an equally new 6 cylinder.

Which really goes against any current trends. Which are mostly smaller engines and electrification.

But I hear Acura is also getting a new 6 cylinder Turbo ready.
For use in their next sedan. Which could be RWD and even called “Legend” again.

Sure, a new RWD 6 cylinder Acura Legend does sound great. But won’t it be a bit too late?
I guess a 6 cylinder plug-in hybrid car would be pretty nice…

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  1. I keep reading in various reviews the longing for the Acura Legend. Are these writers stuck in time? Do they know how much better every single car today is compared to those of 25 plus years ago?

  2. The front end looks like a Fusion grille. Pretty attractive. Mazda will never build a 2 seater Mazda6. If they did, they are lost.

  3. The existing Mazda 6 is lovely and it looks far more upmarket than it is. This coupe is a bland boring 'phoned in' coupe design. It's more generic than an 8 series coupe if that is possible

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