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Back when…
– Back when families were buying wagons.
– Back when GM had a tiny cute concept under the GM brand.
– Back when Giugiaro was designing a Hyundai Concept.
– Back when Citroen was using pretty girls to advertise their ugly Ami 6. 

– Back when car designers were creating automotive history. And taking a Polaroid of it.
– Back when Cadillac had some crazy ideas about the next Fleetwood.
– Back when you could get a one-off Bentley from Pininfarina.

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  1. Doug, you beat me too it. At a glance, it's a Caddy. Why? Because what
    did come out was an evolution of that mockup.

    Get rid of the black strip below the side windows, give it a rear wheel opening and a bit of change to the profile of the front end and that's what ended up being built.

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