Honda Civic Coupe test drive coming up…

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For the next few days, I will be driving a Honda Civic Coupe.

I have never driven the current generation Civic. So this is new for me. And I was really curious, as they seem to be everywhere around here.
It is a very popular car for Honda. With over 325 000 of them sold last year.
And has sold more than the CR-V in the past 3 months!
And good to see a coupe version still alive!

Another proof that the sedan market is far from dead.
It can, in fact, be very healthy if you have the right model.

I have only driven it a little bit, but so far so good.
The engine is amazingly smooth and quiet.
But my top of the line Touring model still has manual seats…
(it should be powered, at least on the Touring version)

As usual, feel free to ask any questions you might have…

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  1. "Far from dead"?

    This is the movie Highlander. Who survives the segment wins. There can only be one (or a few).

    Make a list of the cars in the segment that their maker didn't think had enough volume to be worth while. THOSE sales went to the survivors. I think the survivors (like Honda, Mazda, etc…) will do just fine. Their slice of pie didn't shrink very much, put the pie did.

  2. Power seats are on the Touring Sedan. I guess they didn't equip the coupe with powered seats because it would take too long to gain access to the backseat.

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