2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette details

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At least everything inside seems to have a premium feel.
Not sure how it actually feels. Especially for the passenger…
Also not sure if the removable roof takes all the space in the rear trunk or not.
(It probably does…)
I am sure this must be quite an impressive car in person.
Still, a simpler more cohesive design would have been even better. 

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  1. What would help this interior is if the button arch was an actual arch without the wall. It would make the interior more airy.

  2. Just got back from the Chevrolet dealership and they have 30+ people on the reserve aka waiting list with $1.5K down and it is allocated 5 Corvettes for the entire 2020 year and probably 6 for 2021! They make you sign a purchase agreement before accepting you deposit! LOL! I was so turn off by the limited number that I back out of my purchase!

  3. I'm a geezer and the chance I'd be interested in this car is roughly equal to the chance of my carcass being sent into orbit around Neptune. The only two 'Vettes I've ever ridden in were a college friend in South Dakota who had a c. 1957 and a roommate in summer school in 1966 who had a Stingray. Nothing since 1968 interested me in the least.

    This, however, looks interesting. If it's appealing to me, it's probably a bad marketing indicator, cause I'm not going to buy it.

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