2020 Chevrolet Corvette

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I guess this is the very first time we get to see any part of the all-new Corvette uncovered.

And, I am afraid, it is at least as bad as I thought it would be.
This goes beyond the already cartoony looking rear end of the current model.
Scoops, spoilers. Everything looks really busy and tacky.

I guess this is the current trend for sports cars.  Everything is over-designed.

This is really too bad…

(Thanks to a reader for the picture and the Twitter link @dsgolson)

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  1. I really don't mind this at all. I was hoping for some less generic rear lights. Glad it's not just a big vent like some other mid engined cars.

  2. The image is only of the rear end without the rest of the car! No fastback roof yet! Crop it off! Ugh! Wonder if they will have a following tuck in roof like the Mercedes SL or go on cheap like a Miata bu removing it as a separate?

  3. Wow – very rough crowd. Might – and I'm saying MIGHT – those black vents be functional? There is an engine not too far away – right? If so – does that change your view?

    The taillights are Lamborghini-like – so not a 'disaster'.

    Let's wait for the full car….

  4. This car is going to suffer from typical GM overreach on design. They just can't seem to leave well enough alone, and always seem to try for "11/10" when 10/10 would suffice.

  5. Not impressed. The tailpipes are just sad, as is the Malibu/Camaro taillights. This is their "statement" car, and I'm not sure this is making the statement is should. Hopefully the full reveal will be more impressive.

  6. Good to see that GM is finally designing rear ends that work with pentagonal license plates. About time!

  7. It's a busy mess, with poor surface transitions between design elements, while including every possible contrived element into the composition of features. This all gives it a very immature vibe… adolescent in a bad way. With well developed form transitions, this could've had a more "Transformers" feel to it. This looks more like they were trying include everyone's suggestions and ran out of time to refine or finesse it.

    The overall end result in the context of the whole car will be a confusing set of visual cues, that will be just unpleasant enough to forget quickly.

  8. If there is one thing I have learned over time about car design, you should always wait for the unveiling of the entire car before passing judgement. I truly believe that the C8 will be an amazing looking car.

  9. Disappointed that they didn’t throw a few more design elements in there. Some tail fins and an external spare tire would really class this up. Oh, and more horizontal lines. You can never have too many!

  10. To Anonymous… Tail fins and external spare tire, yes! Though with those you will need a vinyl Landaulette with opera windows and lights on the pillars….. white wall tires and wire wheels, and a standing hood ornament…. This all would be the badge-engineered Mid-engined Caddy Eldorado version…

  11. I guess we know what GM plans to do with all the leftover Camaro/Malibu lighting hardware when those two models go out of production..

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