2020 Chevrolet Corvette

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we will see the whole thing in just 3 days.
But so far, this is what we get: the logos that will be used on the car.
I do like the Stingray “Batman” like design.
The main logo is just too busy. (Why try to shove that horrible gold Chevy logo in there???)
As I mentioned, I am not a fan of the mid-engine Corvette idea. Especially one that might end up looking like an Italian car.
We’ll see…

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  1. It's a black cardinal with a really long tongue.

    I thought that the front engine model might continue as a lower cost model, particularly if the Camaro disappears.

  2. Do you have to be in mid life crisis to want and afford it? If true, then getting in and out of it with weak knees and all will be a bitch.

  3. MAP will be added in to the MSRP too! I waiting on the curb until C8 drops down to that of the C7, maybe in 18 months from now!

  4. Why does the C8 have to be a Stingray too? Why not a Manta or something else to distinguish it? Why can't they both be Corvettes at the same time, C7 Stingray and C8 Manta or Zora or whatever? I think GM is ruining the Corvette legacy.

  5. Why I question the decision to reconfigure the Corvette to mid engine, I am generally excited over this soon to be unveiled C8. I do believe it should have been a new flagship model altogether, and not called Corvette or Stingray though.

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