2020/21 Acura Legend

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More leaks from Acura show this all-new sedan.
The one that will replace both the TLX and “grandma” RLX.
I call it “Legend” because that’s what it should be. The new Acura Legend.
I guess the 3rd picture kills any rumors of an RWD platform. Which is OK I guess.
Since most everything upscale is AWD these days anyway.
Even though the mid-size luxury sedan is market share is shrinking. It is far from dead.
With new models like the next-generation Genesis G80, Cadillac CT5 coming out very soon.
Good news to see Acura still trying.

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  1. The side view looks like an origami version of the Lexus LS, and not in a good way, as I don't like the looks of the LS either. The whole side window profile has been done before, and more elegantly.

  2. Never did I ever imagine them stretching the 2013 ILX (aka 2012 Civic) body as the design for this. I mean…it works, but isn't revolutionary. Might as well dump the RLX, but I've seen quite a few TLXs. Interesting that they are getting rid of both. Honestly the smartest thing Acura could do right now is to have a 2 Sedan line up. Keep a small one and call it INTEGRA and call this one LEGEND. Since they now know how to make small cars big on the inside, there's no need for a sedan inbetween. However, they are horribly behind in the CUV department. They need to bring the CDX to North America. They honestly need the following:

    Sedans: Integra, Legend

    CUVS: CDX, RDX, MDX, and a larger CUV/SUV

    Sports/Halo: NSX…no need for an RSX/Integra Coupe as long as the Civic Si and Type R continue to exist.

    Low Volume Specialty: Hybrid/EV

  3. you're right– i mean they need to drop that RX and RXL badge and make it upscale and call it a LEGEND. No one says hey i'll buy an Acura RL over a Lexus LS, BMW 5/7, or S-Class/CLS.

  4. Wow! The Acura Legend, the car that start Acura division, back again! If it runs well, it mine next car!

  5. What is this obsession about the name legend and how "great" it was 25 years ago? Same company, names change, and whether they call it TLX or Legend, who cares? Are people stuck in the past? Acura's problem has been FWD platforms, mediocre designs, and until recently no real differentiation form the Honda siblings. And "premium" companies do not matter as much, outside the "look at me I have an expensive toy too" crowd. The Honda Accord has received accolades for years and none of the Acura models even came close.

  6. Everything forward of the A post looks great, then it's just like they grafted a current TLX on for good measure. Acura and Honda has truly lost their way. At least the interior design has gotten way better though.

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