2021 Cadillac Escalade EV?

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It looks like the Cadillac Escalade will finally enter the 21st century with the next generation.
That new model is due out next year as a 2021 model year. (illustration above)

And now there is a new rumor of an all electric version being available after the initial launch.
Which could get up to 400 miles of electric range.
This would be better than anything else. (Although Tesla might have cought up by then with new batteries.)

I think this would be a big improvement for the Escalade. No more 12 miles a gallon around town.
No more of that huge trucky V8 that shakes the whole “car” everytime you start the engine.

Plus, the Escalade will finally be getting an independant rear suspension.
As well as a rotary shifter.

I think Electric is a great future for Cadillac. “Powerful and quiet”  is pretty much what they’ve always tried  to be.
Now if they could come up with some more interesting, classier designs…

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  1. Nope… That's another model. Much smaller and based on an all-new EV specific platform. (GM only showed a couple of illustrations, without even a name.)

    I am really talking about the next-generation Escalade.

  2. Like many people suspected all along- Those spy pictures were the new Yukon not escalade interior. New spy pics were just released with the actual Escalade interior. It has a curvy screen and different shifter

  3. The Escalade always has been and continues to get ever more with each release vulgar as hell. These big boxes with zero style and even less substance are just a joke. I've seen mini vans look sexier.

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