Acura RDX A-Spec AWD test drive. And camping.

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I did drive an Acura RDX last year. And Acura was kind enough to lend me another one.
This time, with the sporty A-Spec package.

The RDX, in my opinion, is one of the nicest looking SUVs around. It does look quite sporty and upscale.
But I have to say, the A-Spec color combo is not my favorite. As I am not a fan of black wheels and red seats.

The A-spec package is mostly a cosmetic one. Except for larger, 20-inch wheels.
Otherwise, it is very similar to the technology package. With a few more things.
The A-spec adds the larger wheels, special seats, 16 speakers and black trim.

The A-spec has the same excellent and roomy interior. Similar to all versions of the MDX.
Except for the seats and various trim.
The seats are very comfortable.
Everything feels very high quality. The doors feel really solid.

The trackpad still takes a bit of time to get used to. But once you personalize it, it becomes very quick and easy to use.
And of course, that sound system I praised in my previous review is still amazing.
One of the best at any price…

Suede inserts and red on silver dials are specific to the A-spec.
The dials are a bit harder to read in direct sunlight.

The ride is pretty much the same as the other versions. Even though it does have larger 20-inch wheels.
It is always solid and comfortable. The sport mode doesn’t really change things that much.
While the Sport + firms things up a bit more.

The steering is also the same. Which means pretty light and not that sporty. But always smooth and very precise.

The 2.0 liter Turbo/10 speed combo is still a delight.
The engine has a nice muted growl when you push it. Otherwise, it is always very smooth and super quiet.

The RDX A-Spec is rated at 21/26 MPG for the AWD version. (The non-A-spec is rated at 21/27)

Last time I was able to get 21/30.
For some reason, I was not able to get more than 19 around town this time.
And a little under 30 on the freeway.
So I guess the 20-inch wheels do make a difference after all…

Yes, I went beach camping with the RDX.
There is plenty of room for two with the rear seats folded flat.
Plus the sound insulation makes things very quiet inside.
And there is still a large cargo area under the cargo floor, for extra stuff.

While I really love the Acura RDX, I would not pick the A-spec package.
Ther is nothing wrong with it. But I do prefer the extra equipment that comes with the (more expensive) Advance package.
I would rather have a front and surround-view camera, a head-up display, etc.. than black wheels and red/black seats.
The real wood trim on that package is also pretty nice.
But that is all a matter of taste.

No matter what version you pick, the RDX is still one of the best deals around as a luxury SUV.
Starting at around $37500. Including the giant panoramic sunroof and many more features.
The loaded Advance package model is still around $45 000.
Which is really much less than its competition.
(and Audi Q5 starts at $43 000!)
This is really a great car at the right price.

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  1. If it was in my budget, this would be the SUV I would buy. I love the styling and powertrain, especially the A-spec RDX.

  2. No! Thanks for noticing, I'll correct it ASAP.
    For some reason, I always type MDX instead or RDX…

  3. I have test driven one and it is a sweet ride, however with a forgettable rear and so-so quality interior. The bordello red is not doing it any favors either. It just brings the whole look down and does not belong to a "luxury" brand. The dark wheels are a distraction from an otherwise average design.

  4. Red seats and instruments – no thanks. Liked the RDX I test drove. But hated the center stack. And my final comment was that it was nice but didn't feel premium enough ..just lots of stuff tacked on. So I'll pass.

  5. Test drive one as well… Advanced model with everything. I was shocked I liked it as well as I did, but like the poster above said it just didn't feel premium enough compared to the premium price it had tacked on it.

  6. Haha….precious title. Instead of saying test drive, Vince goofed AGAIN and wrote treat drive. It never ends.

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