Another Honda EV Concept coming up…

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Honda seems to be catching up on EVs. At least, they have shown a few really cool Electric car concepts.
And one of them, the Honda E, is actually heading for production very soon.
These concepts have also shown a brand new design direction. A simpler one that blends futuristic elements with really cool retro touches. It does resemble the previous Sport EV Concept we saw last year. But looking more like a mid-engine car. 
It would be so nice is some of these design elements end up in the next Civic or CR-V…

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  1. Now we are talking!
    This is what I'm waiting for from Honda: small, light, electric powered vehicle.

  2. A resurrected Prelude for the new generation perhaps. I have a feeling Honda is going to have some world class EVs.

  3. Really nice: simple and modern with a touch of retro 70's sport cars.I hope will be a beautiful reality

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