Cadillac XT-6: early reviews are in…

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This one from “Motor One” seems to sum things up for me.

Basically, they are about 10 years late to the “non-truck-based'” 3 rows SUV market, and it is not that great.
GM based it on a smaller platform than the Buick Enclave.
So the wheelbase is shorter.

It still looks like it was designed years ago. And the interior is the same as the XT-5.

And on top of that, it starts at over $52 000. Which is about $12 000 more than the roomier and better
looking Buick Enclave. (And almost the same price as the loaded Enclave Avenir)

To me, this is yet another Cadillac mistake. With so-so styling and overpriced.
They were able to slash the pricing of the new CT5 by making it about $10 000 less than the CTS.
But it looks like they are stuck with the XT6.
Since it is a Cadillac, is has to be priced higher than their Buick model.
Even if it isn’t as good…

And I am not even mentioning the competition!
Especially the $51 000 Lincoln Aviator…

Good luck.

Read the full review HERE.

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  1. Vince, it's NOT based on Encore. It's based on GMC Acadia, which is so similar that I cannot understand someone to not take it instead.

  2. Unfortunately Cadillac will sell these by the thousands a month thanks to customers who don't do proper research – it would be truly atrocious if this outsells the Aviator.

  3. I read somewhere that a Cadillac exec admitted that the XT6 is a placeholder until a VSS-R CUV comes out.

  4. True tat the Aviator and XT6 start out at about the same price – with the Lincoln giving you RWD and 400hp. But things escalate quickly at Lincoln and you can get an Aviator over $80k fully loaded, which doesn't seem possible in the XT6 – $70k seems the max at the moment.

    The real problem is the powertrain. You can't get luxury prices with the exact same powertrain as the Traverse and Enclave (and have less space on top of that…).

  5. Wow.. what a disaster. Seriously, the Acadia/Blazer platform? There better be an XT7 (or XT6-L) on the way based on the Traverse/Enclave.

  6. It's a pretty decent SUV, and right now, may become Cadillac's second best selling Utility Vehicle. Vince, I think you'll like this vehicle better after you've spent a week with it. And I'm an Aviator fan.

  7. I am sure it is actually pretty decent. But I still like the Enclave much better. For a lot less money…
    A Cadillac should be and look special. This isn't.

  8. For Cadillace to regain it's "Standard of the World" legacy, no Cadillac should sell for less than $80k. Cadillacs should be large, imposing vehicles with effortless power. Develop one modular platform just for Cadillac and make everything off it. Price everything from $80-150k. Maybe throw in a convertible based on the C7 Corvette (since Chevy isn't using it anymore). This would give Buick room to breath in the $40-70k range, and Chevy room to breath as well. Even the Germans are figuring out there's no money in luxury under $40k, so why should Cadillac be trying it?

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