Chevrolet Corvette C8 Convertible

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Since GM showed these pictures last night at the C8 event, it looks like, as usual, we won’t have to wait that long to see the convertible version in the flesh.
And I think it looks better than the coupe. Especially without a spoiler or black wheels.
Usually, I always preferred the design of the Corvette coupe. ( even though I love convertibles) Since they used to have such a cool rear or hatch glass design.
But the new one doesn’t anymore.
I think this does look quite impressive. Even though the useless black plastic trim and the fake side windows are still there…

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  1. Looks cleaner than the other model, but would not be happy with those big buttresses blocking the view around me…. that doesn't feel like a real convertible… seems barely different from the other one. And that cockpit wraps around the driver a bit too closely on both of the models.

  2. Almost identical to the coupe with the targa roof off.. why bother dealing with the soft-top complexity? Will you have to manually tie it on like the Boxster Spyder?

  3. It looks always like the imitation of an Italian granturismo: they could call it "Ferrini Specialc, or"Lamborghetti"

  4. Audi without manual transmission, BMW (!) without manual transmission… and now Corvette without manual? I am sorry, this is not a sports car: this is just a car for a grey-haired posers in their mid 50-s.
    What a shame.

  5. Rejoice, Vince! Most of the black body trim is available in body color. It makes the design much more cohesive. In fact, the base version with body color trim is the best looking one. The base version will still do 0-60 in under 3 seconds.

  6. I just saw this! On their site, the configurator is up. And you are 100% right. the whole thing does look so much better with the body-colored trim. This could be really cool looking in real life.

  7. Yes, Vince, I've played with the configurator for a couple of hours the last two days. It's easiest to connect in the wee hours when the host servers for it are less busy. Otherwise, you only get to change the exterior color, not the whole experience.

    I'd like to see the dark red in real life. It looks sort of muddy on the configurator. If it's a good color, it would be beautiful with the light grey or natural interior.

    If this car handles and as well as it accelerates and is well-made, it could put a Ferrari or Lamborghini competitor within reach of so many people. All they need do is wake up and realize this is a much cooler way to get about than their non-work F-150 or Silverados.

  8. I try reserve one at the closest Chevrolet dealer and the sales guy told me they were only allocate 4 the entire year. I would be the 30ish person in line but first I need to sign a purchase agreement follow by a deposit of $1.5K! They advertising themselves as the biggest Chevrolet dealership in the Twin Cities at one time. I walked out! That took my interest in buying the C8 and trash it!

  9. The "black" trim you dislike can be easily taken care of with a "body color trim" option package. You can build the new C8 at

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