Chrysler Pacifica AWD or EV testing.

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I just saw this today.

Some Chrysler Pacifica prototype. Testing something.

The Hybrid version of the Pacifica usually has a tailpipe visible on the right side under the bumper.
I couldn’t see anything on this one. (could be the picture…)
Could it be a pure electric version?

There were a few rumors about the Pacifica just a few months ago.
Like a new design coming out “really soon”. But that hasn’t happened and it is still too new.
Plus, this prototype had nothing covered.

There is another rumor about AWD becoming an option very soon.
Which could be it.

What do you think?
AWD Pacifica? Or EV?

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  1. Either you haven't approved any of the comments made on this post yet, or more likely, it's just that nobody really thinks about the Pacifica (or 300) anymore. Which is really bad news for Chrysler.

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