Even more 2020 Corvette photos.

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Good to see they did keep some of that Corvette DNA by keeping the removable Targa top.

 Although these rear side windows don’t really look like windows do they…
Just like the Cadillac CT-5, this just looks like another black plastic trying to pass for a small window.
Which is really too bad.

At least there is still a bit of trunk space left.
but now it’s upfront.
Not sure if that would be enough for a weekend drive or not.
Previous generations were actually nice cars to drive every day and go places with for a few days…

 That’s where the removable top goes. Behind the engine. I guess this is another small cargo space
if you keep the top on.

Already looking much nicer with “real/non-black” wheels and some color other than that “fire engine/Italian sports car wannabe” red.

Quite busy and claustrophobic in there. At least with the top up…

What do you think of the all-new Corvette?

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  1. Being in that passenger seat would be terrible. You're so closed in by the endless button row. I hope they make a traditional Corvette replacement alongside of this one.

  2. Sad, just sad.

    The basic shape is good, but it fails in the details, especially the tacked on plastic bits. It wasn't always this way – the '60s Vettes (C2 and C3) were pure design.

    Not to sound like a snob, but I wouldn't be caught dead in this garish nightmare.

  3. The hood and headlights are much better than I feared. Less black plastic at the front and rear would help, but it does look good in non-red. The black side intake trim is growing on me. If they'd continued the belt line into the fake window, it would have reduced the mass around the rear axle and made the side view sleeker.

    Looks like ultraseude seats on one of them.

  4. Certainly no worse than any other mid-engined sports car. As for "practicality", that's why we have crossovers.

  5. Aren't all of us car loving guys really just 12 year old boys? My wife certainly seems to think so.

  6. I haven't been a Corvette fan since the 80's versions and had high hopes for this one. Sadly it's just another over styled and plastic cladded Chevy.

    The front end is nice and the side profile up until the C pillar looks good, but then quickly falls flat for me. The rear is a giant "throw every Corvette design idea in the last 20 years at it for $%^& sake and hope for the best" hot mess, and I don't mean a good hot mess like the chick you dated who was really hot but also very crazy so you overlooked the crazy part, rather this is the steaming hot hot mess you avoid at all costs.

    Then again, GM hasn't been able to come up with a cohesive design for their cars for decades, so why should we expect this to be different.

  7. This will be popular with the brainwashed,tasteless Donald Trump supporters who have money. Waitttttt, those people don't have any money…………nevermind 🙂

  8. It may be a big mess but it will draw crowds like no other Corvette since C3. Mission accomplished!

  9. I associate the corvette with a big long front hood… for good or ill… a sort of masculine symbol.
    I wonder if folks will subliminally feel that this one has been emasculated in some way…

  10. "a sort of masculine symbol."

    It was pretty phallic, but the older ones had plenty of feminine curves. Now it's all about the booty.

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