Ford Edge Facelift. (China)

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Ford has been selling a 7 seater version of the Edge in China for a while.
It looks like it is already time for a mid-cycle refresh.
That redesigned front end looks pretty lame.
At least on the bad picture…
The whole thing seems a bit too soft now. And old looking.
Inside, there is now a huge vertical screen covering most of the console. I mean, it almost looks ridiculous.
I wonder if this is coming in the US Edge as well. 

Here is the current model.

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  1. We already got that exterior facelift last year. Only new part is inside, with the huge screen.

  2. I would imagine, since Ford just did a refresh last year for the 2019 Edge, and they are releasing na all-new Explorer and Escape, we should get a all-new Edge soon. I would also imagine, since the Explorer got the big vertical screen as part of an upgrade tech package, the Edge will too.

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