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 For some reason, the XT6 is growing on me. A little bit.
I was really expecting more from Cadillac when I first saw it. At least more than a long-wheelbase XT5.
But I think this could actually work just fine for them. Since any kind of SUV sells well these days.
No matter who makes it…
The main problem could be its price. 
It starts at $52 700. Which is OK when you compare it to European brands.
But not many people, at least yet, will pay the same for a Cadillac as a German model.
It is also about $1500 more than the Lincoln Aviator.
The Lincoln has more power and a design that really got it noticed. In a good way.
Unlike the bland XT6.
 I also think even the new Hyundai Palisade and Kia TeTelluride will be competition to the Cadillac.
And their loaded versions are thousands less than the base XT6.
A new Acura MDX is on its way. Very soon. And the current one starts at under $45 000.
Even Genesis is coming out with a new large SUV. Also very soon.
And I still think the similar Buick Enclave does look better. And probably drives as well since they share platoforms and drivetrains. For a lot less money.
So no matter what, even if I am getting used to its look,  life could be tough for the Cadillac XT6.

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  1. From the sides and rear you cant tell if it's a Honda or Hyundai.
    Only the front end is distinctively Cadillac. There's nothing about the design to make you want to buy it over another brand, especially at a price premium. And it's not like there's a Cadillac dealer on every corner. so who realistically is going to seek this out over an Acura or Lexus?

  2. Honestly only for those that are so self-absorbed that they are ashamed of driving something with a KIA badge in the current times. To the average person, this looks 95% like a Telluride. This was a mistake on Cadillac's part. This should have been Omega based to be taken seriously. Now Lincoln is having the last laugh. Why on earth would someone buy this over a well equipped Enclave if they MUST stay within the GM family?

  3. If you want to buy the new XT6, just wait till Cadillac offers the 20% discounts later on maybe at the end of the year! Cadillac has to keep the assembly plant running that means selling existing dealer inventory.

  4. Looks like a larger Hyundai Santa Fe. This would have been a better exterior design than the Palisade.

  5. This still stinks. That a Kia, A KIA(!!!) looks more upscale than this should shock Cadillac into the reality that they need to quit phoning it in.

  6. I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in one of these. But the reality is, as a luxury vehicle, this doesn't pass. Not even close. Lincoln is definitely offering better SUV's right now. GM allowed someone with good taste to leave the top position at Cadillac, and hired a corporate lackey from within the company to replace him. This is just another vehicle that GM quickly tossed together to fill a customer niche. I'm not expecting anything impressive to come out of Cadillac in the near future. It's obvious they don't give a damn.

  7. GM is following the “to good to pass up” school of sales. Mark up the MSRP to have big gap to play with and when it the right time offer a fire sale! Works for GMC, Buick and Cadillac! People just cannot resist $12-$15K off a brand new car! Bargain price and brand new are irresistible to many! They say, “I pull a fast one on the dealership and the manufacturer. LOL!

  8. When will Cadillac get its own designers? This screems "CHEVROLET"!!! Everything is as cheap looking as a Premier version of any Chevrolet SUV. Put leather on a Chevrolet, you make a Cadillac? Come on!

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