More pictures of the upcoming 2020/21 Nissan Sentra

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This, of course, is actually the Chinese market model. Called the Sylphy.
(The Sylphy has usually been the same car as our Sentra.)
Nissan will soon be selling the all-new 2020 Versa sedan.  So this new Sentra might very well end up being a 2021 model by the time it reaches the US.
I think it looks really good. And will actually spell trouble for the Altima.
As most sedan buyers will see it as “just what they need” for less money.
Just as the Civic has become more popular than the Accord.
The current Sentra is OK. But it is one of the most boring/forgettable cars you can buy at any price.
This would be a huge improvement.
With a very nice interior.
Good to see yet another popular manufacturer investing in sedans.

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  1. If we think of sedans as the new coupes, as you've said, what's a couple inches of rear legroom really worth?

  2. No, it is not a 2021 model. It is late by 6 to 8 weeks, but will be a 2020 model in January. Production starts December 2nd.

    And the Altima has nothing to worry about, except overall sedan sales.


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