Next generation Mustang?

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A new Mustang is supposed to be shown to us next year.
Yet we have not seen any prototypes yet.
It is also supposed to bring a plug-in hybrid model for the first time.

I am actually not sure what these are, and they are probably not new.
But I do like some of the design elements. The super slick back is very nice.
While the headlights are very close to the current car. So maybe these were studies for the current generation.

No matter what, it is good to know the Mustang will still be around for a while…

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  1. Hmmm, not much Mustang in that anymore apart from the headlights and grille The side glass and roof line, which to some extent defined the Mustangs are more Aston Martin and Jaguar now.
    Make no mistake, this is a lovely car, but change the tail and headlights and rework the grille and it could be a new Aston.

  2. Beautiful design. Time to get away from dorky updates of the same old. It makes it look expensive. But, if this is real, are they sure they want to waste it on sub $30k car?

  3. Not a 2021 Mustang, because there is no redesign coming.

    We were supposed to have a new Mustang in 18 months to 2 years, but stupid Jim Hackett canned it and delayed it further out. It is too bad Mark Fields messed up in some areas, as otherwise Hackett is lowering morale at the Glass House and making annoying cost cuts, which are being caught even in the new Explorer.

  4. The narrow greenhouse limited sales appeal of the Camaro and the new Mustang will copy the gun slot looks of the current Camaro? LOL!

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