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Have you ever obsessed and wonder about what the Infiniti G50 would look like as a Nissan?
Even lost sleep over it?
Well, here is your lucky day.
These are pictures of the Nissan Skyline sedan.
Available as 200 (2 liter) or 400 )V6 ) models. 211HP or 400HP.
It used to have the same face as our Infiniti, but it looks like Nissan is changing that for the new year.
Now it has a weirdo Nissan face that doesn’t fir the rest of the design at all…
Good job Nissan!

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  1. I have to disagree.. first of all, this would be the Nissan version of our G50 sedan, the G60 is the coupe version. Also, the front end now looks a lot like the Nissan GT-R, which makes sense considering the GT-R is based on the same platform as the Skyline/G50/G60.. so it probably makes much more sense in that market to share a family face than having the faux-luxury and generic Infiniti grille grafted on.

  2. Oh come on, don't you mean Q50?

    This intentionally being oblivious gets annoying in terms of being reputable.

  3. That front grill makes it appear there is another vehicle underneath and starting to crown from the main one. Especially in the non monochromatic paint scheme.

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