2020 Genesis G80 video

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Looks like the new 2020 Genesis G80 got caught in Germany. While getting gas…

And again, it is looking quite good. In a classic/conservative sort of way.

It seems to have very nice proportions, good looking simple wheels.

But nothing seems to be pushing any envelope.

A very conservative approach to the segment I guess.

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  1. The wheels would look even better dished a bit more.

    It surprises me that no one but Rolls Royce has tried the blocky sedan look since the 80's–they've copied everything else. I'm sick of excessively aerodynamic design. It's just bland and monotonous, and I can't help thinking about the lost headroom.

  2. Ralph L pseudonym,
    have you considered what % of the time you are by yourself in your blocky vehicle? Except for professional reviewers looking for faults, nobody gives a hoot about "lack" of rear headroom, otherwise they would not build them. Many cars out there to please "plenty of rear headroom" aficionados anyway.

  3. Meh, another boomermobile that will fail to sell even half of what its german rivals sell. Genesis needs to start innovating if they want to survive, or else they'll be D.O.A.. Maybe they should build that Mint concept they presented some time ago. That was neat.

    In (arguably) more important news, that Mustang electric SUV thingy was spied with its production body:

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