2020 Honda Fit

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These two pictures obviously show the “fake off-road/slightly jacked up” Cross Style” version of the next generation Fit.
Not the regular model.
While we are definitely getting the regular one, it is still not sure if we are getting the Cross Style option or not.
There is also a new Hybrid version coming up as well. (And maybe even an EV)
These could also stay out of the US. Since Honda doesn’t even sell us the HR-V Hybrid.
I have also heard rumors of a 1.0 Liter 3 cylinder and 1.3Liter engines. 
Let’s hope these are the real thing.
As it looks pretty cute. And 100 times better than the current mess. These also look exactly like the many spy shots we have seen of the next Fit…
(HERE, and HERE )

Here is the current Cross Style version of the Fit.
Sold in a few countries. But not the US…

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  1. I've never really understood all the fuss about the current model. It looks totally fine to me.

    And I understand the "wow, this is so much better" opinion here less. Slightly tweaked proportions and larger lights? Seems like a side step instead of a new model.

  2. the cross style version in the top photos looks decent. Looks a bit more aggressive and stylish , i doubt buyers expect it to be a 4×4 or anything more capable then an awd Honda HRV. The tiny engine options of 1.0-1.3/ 3cylinders does not interest me at all. Give it 140-155 HP with some decent torque instead , without a fussy turbocharger.

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