2020 Kia Optima

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The next Optima is still covered in plenty of camouflage.
But the top picture already shows a very stylish sedan.
Which even could be a hatchback. Or at least really should be. It would be a great way to distinguish it from its Hyundai cousin.
But I am not holding my breath since all of these sleek fastback sedans end up with regular trunk openings.

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  1. I think you should wait until the car leaks in full instead of posting 20 different articles with just grainy spy pics of the car. It would make your blog less bloated and more interesting to read. But that's just my opinion…

  2. In this case, you can see the cutline on that rear window Vince. Unless that is some kind of reflection, I think the new Optima will be a hatch. I still think the Sonata looks better though.

  3. What looks like a cut just above the C-pillar seems to indicate a hatchback. Whether or not it is remains to be seen. If Kia was smart the new Optima would be a hatchback, instead of just another sedan with a narrow, useless trunk opening.

  4. Fat chance this will have a hatch, even though it looks like it should really have one. They want to distinguish this from the Stinger as much as possible.

  5. Agree with comment about Stinger, I see the difference being like the BMW 3-Series and 4-series.
    Stinger is the 4-series gran coupe, while the Optima is the 3-series Saloon and SW.
    I currently driv3 a ProCeed GT and it is great, would love to have the Forte GT over here in UK.

  6. Fusioptima is right, it's bad enough Optima had to lose its distinctive greenhouse in favor of the Stinger, but making both of them hatchbacks would be way too much of a conflict. The Sonata, however, SHOULD have been a hatch since they seemed so intent on overhauling it.

  7. What is going on at either end of the front hood? Are they going to put Telluride-like vertical headlights on it too?

  8. I cant wait until this is unveiled so we can decide which looks better Sonata or Optima. I'm leaning towards Sonata. but I'll wait until the unveiling.

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