2020 Land Rover Defender

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This picture comes from the set of the next James Bond film.

This isn’t the first time we see discover new cars from James Bond movie sets.
Like a few Aston Martin models, the BMW Z8 and Z3.

So I guess this is the real thing.
Which is not really surprising anymore since we have already seen most of it. (HERE and HERE)
A mix of round and square. Trying to please everyone I guess…

I mean why not round just headlights? Why create a rectangular shape around the round lights?

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  1. Something about this (the roof treatment perhaps?) reminds me of the Kia Soul. Certainly not the association they would desire.

  2. I think the round headlights complainers I keep seeing fail to remember the old Defender.

    The headlight bulbs were round and nestled within a square swatch that held the separate turn signals and reflectors.

    To me, this feels exactly within that line. The headlights are round, there's just reflectors and indicators nestled around it within the square, which happens to be contained under one glass piece. The circle still reads prominently to me.

    Beyond that, I think it's great. If you want an old Defender, go buy one (or buy a Wrangler for that matter).

  3. Very neat design. It looks handsome in black. This is what the new Discovery should have looked like imo.

  4. "I mean why not just round headlights?"

    NOOOO! That would look very cheesy. And the original Defender also had round headlamps within a rectangle (within a square to be precise…)

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