2020 Nissan Juke

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These new pictures of a wrapped 2020 Juke show us a lot more of the all-new model.
Which is mostly a bit more angular than before. And does feel more grown-up.
The huge round arches seem to be gone. As well as the lights that were sticking out on top of the fenders.

This could be a very nice update.
But the new Juke will be mostly for the European market (where it has always been very popular) and is not scheduled for the US. So far…

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  1. I said this many times before but here I go again….”Why does the U.S. marketplace only gets the past/current models while the EU gets new updated models all the time now?” Toyota and Honda only ships the HR-V and CH-R the base models to the U.S. too! Are we a third world country now?

  2. I still see the fender-top lights on the disguised model.. and in fact, it looks like most of the roof and glass are carried over but with differently shaped trim, just like they did with the Leaf. Not an all-new model, just very heavily redesigned.

  3. @ Harry- I think European and Asian company tend to sell us their dull stuff because Americans still buy Chevys'. Not that long ago people still bought old man cars like Crown Vic, Monte Carlos, etc. They weren't the most prettiest things in the world and they were big and bland. Americans even today stay away from niche cars, the BEETLE is now dead and FIAT is just too small for some people with odd styling.

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