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Infiniti is apparently preparing a “coupe” version of the QX50.
Why not I guess.

The “regular” QX50 has been a big disappointment for them. As they were expected it to become their bestseller.
It sold only around 10 000 of them this year so far. While the old QX60 sold about two and a half times better.
The QX50’s main competition sold over 35 000 units this year so far.

So it is fair to day the QX50 has been quite a flop.

“Coupe” versions of SUVs usually sell even less than the regular models. So I am not sure why Infiniti would choose to make a coupe version of a slow seller.
I guess it is a pretty cheap way to get a new model in the line-up.

But it will now be a brand savior…

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  1. Shocked on style alone, it doesn't sell better. I am aware of it's flaws, but doubt the general public is. Normally, with the exception of Mazda, a vehicle with a great look, especially an suv, has no trouble getting off the sales lot.

  2. I have driven the QX50 and I am not surprised at the low sales volume. 1) forward visibility feels like you drive a much bigger vehicle, as you cannot see your lane with its bulbous design, you feel like you are occupying 1.5 lanes 2) The engine is punchy, but it keeps reminding you drive a 4 cylinder, 3) road noise is above average for a "luxury" car and if you set it in the "sport" mode, the engine revs up and makes an awful high pitch noise. It is y spacious inside, which was a surprise, but overall an average car.

  3. The QX50 is quite a disappointment due to its buzzy unrefined engine, and CVT transmission. None of which should be in anything considered a premium vehicle. If the QX50 had been a RWD architecture with the submlime VR series engines mated to ZF 8speed auto w/ a proper shifting algorithm, it would have been a huge hit. I'm not even going to mention it pitiful infotainment system.

  4. I think the QX50 doesn't sell as Infiniti does next to no advertising. The product is good and has a very strong athletic design, it's just under marketed.

  5. When you have a CUV that flops in a country where CUVs an trucks are king, that's a BIG problem. I wonder how many ancient Mitsubishi Outlanders were sold during the same period.

  6. It seems non-Japanese made Infinitis don't sell well:

    -1st generation QX80 (QX56 until 2013) that was build in Canton, MI USA was a flop.
    -British built QX30 (based on GLA) is soon to be dead.
    -QX50 Built in Mexico is a bomb.

    -Q70 might be the exception but I head it was also made in Mexico.

  7. "It seems non-Japanese made Infinitis don't sell well"

    I don't think there's any correlation between the place they're built and the poor sales, as most people don't care about where their cars are made (as long as they're not made in China…). I think the poor sales are due to their products being mediocre or sub-par in a very competitive market.

  8. Infiniti needs to stop trying to compete with BMW and Mercedes and should go after Tesla instead. A lineup of sexy EVs with great performance and good build quality would give them a competitive edge in this crowded market (at least for now, while the germans are still taking baby steps in the EV market). Time is running out, and if they keep doubling down on their current, failing strategy, they'll become another Saab.

  9. I agree about "no correlation between the place they are built and poor sales". That would make zero sense. Since about 99% of people have no idea where their cars are being built in the first place.
    I think their problem is marketing. And coming up with a car people want to buy.
    Look at the new Acura RDX!

    And I also agree that competing with Tesla would be a fantastic idea for Infiniti. It is sad to see that Nissan has done almost nothing on the EV front since the first Leaf. Expect a "not so great " upgrade…

  10. I also don't think the problem is lack of marketing. Tesla barely has any marketing, yet they sell like hot cakes. I also doubt Acura invests more on publicity than Infiniti. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on marketing, if your product is crap, it wont sell. It's all about good press and strong word-of-mouth. I think Infiniti should focus on delivering good, competitive products first.

  11. Come on people, stop bitching with observations and go drive it. The G35 was a heck of a car, as a rwd platform. After that they started messing with steering, fwd, cvt and so on and so forth. Infiniti has been inconsistent with the changes. As far as an electric platform, I was told by a dealer rep that they should come out with one next year.

  12. It didn't look like a new vehicle. Plus people know infiniti is Nissan and Nissan has been rolling out crap since it merged with Renault.

  13. "Come on people, stop bitching with observations and go drive it"

    What? Haven't you read the comments? People DID drive the it, and it was crap. Simple as that. And i agree the G35 was a great car, but they don't make it anymore. The Q50 is nowhere near as good as that car was. Infiniti needs to wake up and start to make cars that people want to buy again.

  14. Infiniti needs to do something quick. I've seen a lot of Q50's here in NY, very few Q60's. The G37 coupe used to be everywhere. Not so much now, and it's been a few years since it's been out. The QX50 was so uninspiring. It looks like every other run of the mill crossover. Nothing that really makes it stand out. This was a step up from the previous design, but Infiniti needs something dynamic. This brand is slowly fading away, unfortunately. Genesis will surpass this brand in sales in a few years if they don't come out with some GREAT looking designs.

  15. I never test drove the QX50 but it already has a reputation as a vehicle with a to complex engine that going to be hard to repair and may not last as long as regular engine. These is no advantage to this engine either. No higher mpg or faster. Just a big miss for Infiniti!

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