Mercedes A-Class Plug-in Hybrid

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Mercedes will soon be offering a plug-in hybrid version of its entry-level A-Class (As well as B-Class) in Europe.
The EV range is said to be at least 40 miles. Which is not bad.
Not as good as the Honda Clarity or especially the Chevrolet Volt (Which was ahead of everyone else) but not bad.
As 40 miles is actually a useable range.

The battery can be recharged from 10% to 100% is just under 2 hours which is also pretty good.
A sedan version will also be available. Which means there is a bit of hope to see this technology in the US.

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  1. You would think that plug in hybrids should be mainstream by now and the low hanging fruit, but they are not. Give me one with a 60 mile range and EVs become less relevant.

  2. I routinely get 35-40 electric only miles out of my plug in Hyundai Ioniq which after the federal rebate, law enforcement rebate and military rebate came to just under 18k out the door for me. I honestly think this looks worlds better than the Ioniq but I also think that just like Lexus found out with their CT line, nobody shopping for a plug in hybrid wants to pay Mercedes kind of money for it. If I had the cash for something like this I would just buy a Tesla……PS – I cross shopped the Clarity and Volt, the Volt's ICE mileage was dismal and the Clarity was just too expensive and ugly.

  3. ..and not everyone can get the rebates you were entitled to, and if you buy a Lexus or Mercedes, you will pay Lexus or Mercedes prices.

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