More pictures of the all new Porsche Taycan interior

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Even though the whole thing is quite modern, it is not really new. Since we saw most of it in the Mission E concept almost 5 years ago.
The das is very similar to the one from the concept (bottom picture).
But the console is all new. (Gone is that ridiculously small shifter. )
The dashboard itself is more upright to make room for even larger screens. 
In general, the whole thing does not feel as futuristic as the concept, of course. 
Not sure about all these screens in front of the passenger. Or if it will be a distraction for the driver…
From what we hve seen of the expterior, Porsche has been trying hard to stay close to the concept.

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  1. Porsche tried, but as usual cost and feasibility got in the way. If money was no object, well it would look better.

    Ditto for the FT-1 and Supra. The Mission E was a real concept car, which engineering involvement watered it down.

    The same can't be said for the Acura Type S "Concept", which is the reverse. Take a production car and make it a little sexier, for the show circuit.

    Very typical of Honda and BMW, instead of spending $1-2 million on a genuine one-off concept/design study.

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