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While Kia has just trademarked a really cool, slick and stylish new logo, it seems that VW is slightly altering theirs.
Which mirrors the way they redesign their cars, especially the Golf. These things being all-new while looking the same as before.
I can’t really see anything “new” in that logo. Just like it is hard to tell an “all-new” Golf when they come out. 
Plus, the logo in the picture is on a 2020 Golf prototype, still wearing some camouflage bits here and there.
So that logo might not be the real thing anyway…

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  1. Countless Euros wasted on something like this. Think of the planning meetings where this slight change was discussed ad infinitum.

  2. According to autocar, it will look similar. The V and W will be gloss white on a black background for the cars. So they likely modified the logo on the MK8 Golf. The letters will be more slim and the logo will also have a sound. But for videos and media, the logo will likely have a slim blue light around the letters.

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