Porsche Taycan Interior teaser

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it looks like the production model interior (top photo) will stay very close to the Mission E Concept interior.
And it should be. By the time the Taycan actually goes on sale, the Mission E will be 5 years old!
Since it was introduced back in 2015.

So it is not that futuristic anymore. (And that “Sport Chrono Stopwatch” on top of the dash sticks out like a sore thumb.)
I guess Porsche owners like it since it is in every Porsche these days…

We only have to wait a few days to see the whole thing. So more on the new 2020 Taycan very soon.

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  1. Tesla needs to re-think the minimalist interior design. Not many people want it! They only accept it for now since Tesla is the only BEV in the marketplace that is good looking.

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