Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept scheduled for production?

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Almost 3 years after the concept, we have now rumors about a possible production version of the TJ Cruiser.
Which would be nice since the concept was so interesting.
Although it seems a bit large in pictures, it is actually the same lenght as a Honda HR-V.
So it is quite small. 
Engine choices for the production model could include the same powertrian as the current Prius.
Or a 2.0 Liter engine.
I realy like the idea of a super flat cargo area. Where even the front passenger seat folds flat for large objects (or even car camping)
I wonder if they could figure out how to fold the driver’s seat as well.
Let’s hopt this is for real. And that it comes to the US.

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  1. I really want to like this… it is such a great concept, both in packaging and in styling. It was at LA Autoshow last year, so I got to study it in person. I find that the front end and fender proportions are extremely awkward and unattractive. I am hoping the production version is able to fix that

  2. Looks like a 1940 designer projecting car design for the 21st century! Ridiculous looking! Only Toyota would design and produce a vehicle like ths. mIt not a big surprise id you look at the CH-R, Avalon and all current Lexus models.

  3. I like it. I think the world needs a charismatic, pratical van like this, since VW refuses to make a new microbus. But i guess the folks around here just want another generic SUV, so maybe we don't deserve anything as interesting as this…

  4. It's great looking and a nice concept, but it would need an better powertrain than the Prius. It reminds me of the Element….


  5. As hideous as it is, it's a more honest design than the typical melted-angry-plastic-grimmace design of most current Toyotas.

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