Zombie Saab lives! New NEVS prototypes

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The “new” Saab 9-3 based NEVS 9.3 EV has actually started being produced in China last month.
But it is basically an electric good old (especially old) Saab 9.3 sedan.
These are all new designs. NEVS had shown drawings of possible new models back in 2015.
I think these look a bit weird, but would have actually made decent lookign Saabs.
Pretty amazing we are still talking about Saab. Which has been dead since 2012…

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  1. They look pretty good. Saab is a brand that I still miss and would like to see them on the road again. It would be great if they would ever support the older models for repairs and parts…..

  2. They look very… chinese. Nothing worthy of the Saab name. Just let the brand die a peaceful death.

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