2020 Cadillac CT4: the confused one.

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The new Cadillac CT4 is actually not “all-new” as it is still heavily based on the ATS sedan.
And uses many of the same parts.
It will available in 3 versions, bellow the previously announced CT4 V.
“Luxury”, “Premium Luxury” and “sport”.
Which is OK.
All come standard with a 2.0 Liter engine with 237HP and an 8 speed auto.
Still fine.
The confusion starts with the optional 2.7 Liter Turbo engine.
The more powerful engine is an option on the Premium Luxury, but NOT the Sport. Why???
And, at 309HP, it is almost as powerful as the CT4 -V. (which uses the same engine)
Why is the more powerful engine not an option on the Sport model.
And why only about 30HP more for the V version??
I understand ther is a “real V” coming out soon. With much more power.
But since the 2.7 is available in the “normal” CT4, why even have this lower V version in the first place???
This is jsut a series of things that don’t make any sense…
I do like the CT4 so far. I think it does look nice, and so does the interior.
It all, at least in these pictures, look like a premium small sedan. (I really like the CT-6 inspired front end)
I really hope it does well for GM.
But why all these models that don’t make any sense???

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  1. That is one hell of an ugly, lumpy back end. The rest of the car looks pretty good. I wish people would buy cars again instead of what is really a station wagon they like to say isn't one.

  2. I think it is a real improvement on the ATS, especially in interior design,with the exception of that Bangle esque trunk cutline. The CT4 is overall a better execution than the CT5, based on the CT5's cheap plastic window extension. No excuse for that in a luxury minded vehicle.

  3. You know what else is confusing? The 2020 Ford Escape comes with the Hybrid powertrain just in SE Sport and Titanium versions. Why not put the Hybrid on the SE, SEL? Why give the "Sport" name to the Hybrid, which is the cheapest Hybrid available for the model? American brands sometimes just make no sense at all.

  4. I think money, answers your question. People like the look or sport but cant afford the engine. So They can lease the sport version for 299 and people to actually go look at it. Once most drive the 2.0 they will realize thats all they really need.

  5. The new CT4 has the old fashion style air vents, old looking dash layout and the exterior look like it came from an Acura which is not good. The only thing that looks good is the new front grill.

  6. Cadillacs is just a mess. With the CT5 starting at $35k, where does the CT4 fit in? $29,999 special? Why is Cadillac competing with Accords and Camrys?

  7. Caddy needs togo to interior design school. It looks no more oppulant than a Chevy , Buick or even a Honda for that matter.

  8. Caddy needs togo to interior design school. It looks no more oppulent than a Chevy , Buick or even a Honda for that matter.

  9. Nissan Rogue Sport = less hp and smaller than the standard Rogue with more hp. Not just a GM thing.

    BMW M package= meant to trick your girlfriend you bought a faster car but did not. AMG package does the same.

    Or how about Porsche Turbo Taycan which isn't even a turbo as it is all electric.

    This is all marketing tricks to trick the gullible.

  10. Only two things irk me about the AT4:

    The rear end just looks off and like it was designed by a different person from the rest of the car. And the engines. Neither engine is competitive with others in the class;maybe in terms of power on paper but GM 4 cylinders are definitely lacking in NVH.

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