2020 Jeep Grand Commander

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This was sent to me by a reader. It was obviously taken in the US. But it shows the one car so many people love to hate: the Chinese market Jeep grand Commander.
I posted a few times about the Grand Commander before, and all posts got mostly very negative comments about the large 3 row new Jeep model.
Of course, Jeep has said it would not be sold in the US. But here it is.
Later, they mentioned a new model “Based” on the Grand Commander would make its way to the US.
Some even though it was a new Dodge crossover.
But the picture above clearly shows a Jeep.

Here is the Chinese market Jeep grand Commander.
Since FCA’s only policy is “more Jeeps all the time”, it was just a matter of time until it ended up here…

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  1. It doesn't make sense to sell this in the US.

    A) New Cherokee might get 7 passenger seating

    B) New Grand Wagoner will be large and will need a base model to be competitive

    C) New Durango will be 7 seater too.

    I this this will fit C.

  2. Maybe this is a test mule for another vehicle, or they're testing the car near their headquarters, but without the intention of bringing it to the US (kinda like that chinese Buick testing in europe from some days ago).

  3. Last I had heard, Chrysler was getting a version of this to replace the Journey. Personally I think we should get the Grand Commander but to replace the Grand Cherokee and make the Grand Cherokee the base Wagoneer.

  4. Lol in what world does this compete at all with a Navigator, FFEMT6? If it even came to the U.S., it's a unibody crossover, so it would compete with the Aviator of the Lincoln nameplates…if even that.

    And to the first anonymous, I think you mean the next Grand Cherokee might have seven seats…not the Cherokee. I would be shocked if the next Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, AND Grand Wagoneer were all seven-seaters. I won't hold my breath on a next-gen Durango, given how long it takes FCA to make anything new these days. We've been waiting on the Grand Wagoneer since 2011.

  5. They're very nice, but I just never think of Jeep as a brand I'd buy. They're thirsty, boring, a little too redneckish, and not the best in reliability. I almost never see them on the road.

  6. BS:
    As the owner of Two JGC (with no problems since 6/14 on either)
    Anyhow the new one is a WKIII not an Alfa revamp. this here is the Grand Commander, more of a people hauler.
    Most all the info Im reading is off the mark.
    Not the Grand as you can see it has the Six way up front.
    I can't attach my photos of the '21 JGC Interior.

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