2020 Kia Optima

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Nothing we have not seen before. Another camouflaged new 2020  Kia Optima on the road.
Still looking like it should be a hatchback…

More very soon. 

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  1. "More very soon."

    You keep saying this but all you show are more blurry spy shots with the car in heavy camo. I'm starting to lose my faith in you, Vince.

  2. Hope it is not a hatchback, it needs to compliment the Stinger. The Optima is the Saloon and wagon, Stinger is the sports hatch, (and coupe??)
    If KIA are aiming for a low end BMW range this would be the perfect combination to take sales from entry level BMW 3/4 series.

    If the Optima is a hatch, I think days could be numbered for the Stinger.

  3. It reminds me of the Lincoln Sedan greenhouse with floating roof. The 2011 Optima had a unique greenhouse.

  4. Hey Anonymous, as in post #1,

    You do realize Vince operates a blog where he gathers in one site all the releases out there of both manufacturers reveals to the public and spy shots of test models on the road, don't you? He is giving us the latest out there. He is not Kia (of any other car manufacturer) where he can reveal pictures of the new models nor is he one of the spy shot guys that seek out where the manufacturers are testing the cars to get a spy shot here and there.

    What else would you have him do? Losing faith. Silly comment.

  5. Of course he can't post photos of the car undisguised (unless someone leaks them), but he can avoid posting these pointless spy shots that show nothing new. Read your comment first before writing something stupid, slowbro.

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