2020 Nissan Armada

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 For 2020, Nissan is doing some revision to the current Armada SUV.
This is not a new generation. But basically still ehte same one that went on sale back in 2017.

The front end has been completelly redeisgned (top) in a weird semi-futuristic way.
Which now probably does not fit the 2017 profile at all anymore.

 The revisions are much more conservative in the rear. (top)

new hatch, bumper and lights. But they do not match at all the new front end design.

Inside, the main story seems to be ” a new console on the old dashboard”. And more screens!

I guess this is very similar to what Kia has done with the 2020 Mohave. But at least the Kia has an all new interior.

The current Armada has always looked a bit odd and heavy handed to me.
This revised one now feels even more like a Frankenstein monster. Trying to blend a weird front end with a super conservative overall design…. 

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  1. Where's the new Pathfinder, Nissan? Dying on the vine apparently. I guess Carlos and the alliance are taking too much of your time to provide the US with new products (aside from the Altima).

  2. The Armada came out in August 2016…so it's not been "since 2017".

    And yes getting that right does matter, when 3 years (2016) vs 2 years (2017) warrants a refresh.

    That being said, the Armada might sit this one out and not see updates until next year. 2020s are unchanged. This is the long overdue Patrol update.

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